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GRE E N POWER by NDS is a battery created in 2000 with AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) with valves for gas recombination (VRLA) specific for the use of services in recreational vehicles.

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GREEN POWER is a “LONG LIFE” service battery with oxygen recombination and slow discharge.

GREEN POWER is equipped with a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-acid) system that allows the recombination of the gases generated in the charging and discharging phase, making the Green Power a totally hermetic and safe battery, free from any maintenance.

GREEN POWER is built with special high-density lead-calcium alloy plates, which increase charge retention, allowing low self-discharge (Charge Retention Graph) and a high number of cycles (Life Graph in number of strokes).

It is equipped with special glass wool separators that absorb the electrolytic liquid, preventing it from escaping and allowing the batteries to be mounted in any position and / or inclination, keeping the e ciency level constant. The separators are equipped with reinforced grids, to increase the resistance to vibrations.

The container is in flame retardant ABS (UL 94-VO), the stainless steel terminals are resistant to corrosion and the cover integrates the VRLA pressure safety valves.

GREEN POWER can be charged with alternator, electronic battery charger and solar panels, respecting the recommended parameters (Charging parameters).


There may be several factors that influence the “life” of the battery.

  • The depth of discharge: avoid discharging the battery beyond the maximum limit of 11V.
  • Staying in a discharged state: never leave the battery discharged after its use.
  • The charging system: it is necessary that the charge takes place in an optimal way and at an adequate level.

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